City Hall shake-up; EM resigns, governor appoints Darnell Earley

Leadership is shaking up in not one but two Mid-Michigan cities as Flint emergency manager, Mike Brown announces his resignation.

The move occurred Wednesday at a press conference in Flint where state leaders also announced the appointment of Brown's replacement.

Governor Snyder appointed current Saginaw City Manager, Darnell Earley.

Brown cited family as his reason for filing his resignation.

After making his announcement he highlighted the progress the city has made including balancing a budget for the first time in seven years.

He added that public safety has made "significant achievements" including opening the Flint city lock-up and improving public safety response.

His report states that violent crime is down approximately 24% in the first six months of 2013 compared to the first six months of 2012.

Brown's replacement, Darnell Earley is no stranger to Flint.

He previously served as city administrator and interim mayor.

He currently works as the city manager in Saginaw.

Earley said he's ready to examine all Flint departments as he begins his new position.

"Improve upon things that are satisfactory, fix things that are broken and focus on providing good quality of life to our citizens," said Earley.

City council members are hopeful about the change.

We're all looking out for the best interest of the citizens of Flint and I know Darnell will do that," said Flint City councilman, Scott Kincaid.

Leaders were vague on the plans they do have, but say their goal is to have Flint emerge from receivership.

"I come in with an attitude that someone's going to have to convince me that solvency is not possible and at this point I'm not convinced," said Earley.

Mike Brown's resignation takes effect October 31.

Darnell Earley will begin his post in Flint October 1.

His last day in Saginaw will be October 11.

This provides a transition period with both managers in place.