City leaders search for peace in wake of Milton Hall shooting

Saginaw leaders are hoping to move the city past the violence fromt he Milton Hall shooting.

Saginaw's mayor and city manager held a press conference on Friday morning to discuss the controversy surrouding the death of Milton Hall. Hall is the homeless man shot and killed by Saginaw Police two months ago.

Mayor Greg Branch addressed the media first and said that he is eager to see the results of the Milton Hall investigation.

City Manager Darnell Early spoke next and told citizens that he will do his best to make sure the investigation is handled properly and just.

All parties involved felt that the Hall shooting can be the tipping point to end violence in Saginaw. They hope the city can move forward from this incident.

The Concerned Citizens of Saginaw are continuing to protest the investigation into Hall's death. The Concerend Citizens are a group of Saginaw community members that formed after the death of the 49-year-old Hall.

Saginaw Police say they shot and killed Hall outside the Riverview Plaza on July 1 because he was armed with a knife and acting aggressively.

Meanwhile on Saturday, civil rights activist and National Action Network President Reverend Al Sharpton is planning a visit to the area.

Sharpton and other members of the network will lead a caravan of cars and buses and are scheduled to arrive in Sagianw at around 2 p.m. Saturday.

Sharpton along with several other Saginaw leaders will be speaking during a rally.