City of Alma declares state of emergency

The city of Alma has declared a state of emergency due to flooding. The Pine River is currently at 10.15 feet. City officials say the river will crest at about 12 feet on Saturday.

About 180 residents have been warned that their homes or apartments are in flood-prone zones. Flooding has been reported on many streets including Pine from Center to Downie, Downie from Pine to River, River from Downie to Walnut, Walnut from River to Euclid, Pine from Superior to Downie, Woodworth from Ely to the railroad trails and State from Ely to the railroad tracks. Residents are cautioned not to drive through streets covered in water.

The sewer lines are running near capacity. Residents are encouraged to use as little water as possible until the floodwaters recede. At current levels, the wastewater plant is only partially treating the water entering the wastewater plant. The plant is being sand bagged to prevent the pump house from flooding.

Flood levels are expected to continue through Wednesday, April 24. Residents are encouraged to prepare for high water. Valuable items in basements and crawl spaces should be moved to higher ground. City residents will be using Facebook and Twitter to post updates during the flooding conditions.