City of Alma evacuating some residents due to flooding

Flooding in Alma on Downey Street.

The City of Alma has said they are now evacuating residents in low-lying areas because of "serious flooding."

The Pine River is currently at 9.4 feet and still rising. Flood stage is at 8 feet.

It is believed the river will go over 10 feet.

All residents living on River Avenue, Court Avenue, Ely and Riverview that are near the river are being asked to evacuate by the city at this time.

Residents who need a place to go are advised to head to the First Presbyterian Church at 495 Charles Avenue.

Additionally, the bridge at State Street is closed due to the flooding, along with all the roads in the evacuation area.

It is very likely the Woodworth Bridge will also be closed later this morning.

The City of Alma reminds residents to not drive through standing water.