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      City receives grant to clean up city blocks

      Flint is once again the recipient of a grant from the "Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund."

      It encourages community members to pitch in and clean up their neighborhood.

      Something residents say, is much-needed.

      "It's a start but it should have been done a long time ago. All of this could have been prevented," said Flint resident Anthony Carter.

      Abandoned homes and rubble are not uncommon but according to Chester Burnett things are looking up with the help of recent flint neighborhood cleanup efforts.

      "They're doing great work for the neighborhood and I wish more neighbors would take part and support them," said Burnett.

      The city is now receiving even more funding from the cities of service volunteering fund.

      The money is earmarked to spruce up 40 blocks and take care of trash.

      Burnett said, "it makes people feel good about their neighborhood."

      City leaders say this year's grant is larger than the grant received in years past.

      Mayor Dayne Walling said the city plans to hold a press conference to discuss the details of the grant further.