City responds to higher bacteria tests in Saginaw splash pad

The city is taking a look at the chemical treatment system designed to keep the water clean. In the meantime students are getting ready for school and trying to take that last trip to the splash park."

"We want to make sure everybodyâ??s kids are healthy and happy and we are following all the requirements of the state," said Saginaw Public Services Director Phillip Karwat.

The kids of neighborhood house of Saginaw are staying dry.

"We expected to let the kids play and get in the water," said Ruth Deshone from Neighborhood House of Saginaw.

The city closed down their water park for problems with their disinfection system.

"The last couple of weeks we have been noticing our chlorine levels were kind of low so we have been doing tests for HPC count which is the heterotrophic plate count," said Karwat.

The test is designed to let you know if there are bacteria in the water.

Since finding abnormal amounts on Wednesday the park has been closed.

"We are doing a complete draining of the system, we are going to super shock it clean out all the pipes and get our chemical feed system back up properly again," said Karwat.

No injuries have been reported as a result of the disinfection malfunction. But the city says theyâ??re not taking any chances after sewage water ran through the pipes at Traverse Cityâ??s splash pad.

"I think for safety precautions its good they closed it," said Deshone.

The city is taking those corrective measures now. The hope is to have the park open by the Labor Day holiday.