Clean-up begins after EF-1 tornado hits Mid-Michigan town

"I've never been through anything like this before" says Sue Johnson a Hale resident.

People are in shock after a tornado raced through the small town of Hale.

The National Weather Service says an EF-1 tornado with 100 mph winds ripped the roof off this hardware store, setting it on top of the VFW post next door.

"We took cover on the floor and our cooler door burst open and stuff all over the store just went crazy" says Sue who had been working at the time.

Across the street, Debbie Metz says she was working at a local salon when the twister came out of nowhere.

"I was finishing up a gentlemanâ??s haircut and all of a sudden it got dark and windy and it sounded like a freight train coming through and I looked out and saw the shingles across the street being peeled off like paper" says Debbie.

The tornado moved through downtown, toppling street lights and sucking windows out of storefronts.

A cloud of flying debris giving first responders the signal their town was in danger.

"I started to see the debris cloud form and told my boss I've gotta get up there and see what's going on and sure enough we got into town and there were vehicles on their sides and disabled in the middle of 65â?? says Josh Watkins with the Plainfield Fire Department.

And in the aftermath residents sprang into action, making sure their neighbors were safe.

"After it ended everyone ran outside and you can see all the neighbors of all the businesses and people shouting are you guys ok over there, are you all ok over there" says Kristin Cherwinski, a Hale resident.

"The next step is to keep everyone out of danger and ensure safety in the community" says Josh.

No one has been reported injured.