Cleanup after massive pileup on US-23

David Scott of Gray's Towing in Flint snapped dozens of pictures of the US-23 pileup Thursday.

Thursday's mess on the US-23 in Mundy Township was such a sight that tow-truck driver David Scott did what any bystander would do - snap dozens of pictures.

â??I've never seen a scene like that before,â?? Scott said.

SUVs wedged under box trucks, windshields blown out, it was a remarkable scene, he described, when whiteout conditions triggered a domino effect in the southbound lanes just after noon. Thirty-three vehicles were involved in the pileup.

Scottâ??s company was one of several in Genesee County that were called to the scene that drivers sum up as chaos.

â??They couldn't see, it was just all of a sudden nothing, couldn't see and they were getting hit,â?? Scott said.

It was a challenge for the rescue drivers to get their hook and chains and flatbeds to untangle the jumble.

On Friday morning the lot at Woody's towing in Fenton was a showroom floor of damage.

Owner Bill Woody said, â??[Drivers] were real shaken up, they said when they came to the stop, people kept hitting 'em."

While massive pileups usually mean quick business for towing companies, everyone agrees, the real good news is that no one was seriously injured. About a dozen passengers were taken to hospitals for minor injuries.