Clearing Genesee County roads from the cockpit

This is a shot from the cockpit of a Genesee County Road Commission truck working to clean nearly a foot of snow.

Amidst finanical strain the Genesee County Road Commission is working to keep up with growing snowfall totals with a budget that has not increased since 1997.

Michiganders are waking up and taking a look at a foot of snow in some areas. But what they don't see are the crews working overnight and in the wee hours of the morning to keep their roads clear.

"You got guys pretty much in and are changing their blades," said Genesee County Road Commissionâ??s Scott Coughlin.

The Genesee County Road Commissionâ??s trucks are in and out of the shop trying to keep their blades fresh and on the pavement around the clock.

"Now that we are running four trucks we are able to clear off almost everything," said Coughlin.

Scott Coughlinâ??s team of four is one of many groups responsible for clearing the roads in what some drivers are calling snowmagedon.

"About 40 miles per hours, nuts, scary slipper," said Tom DeBolt.

Coughlin says paying close attention to all blades and a guiding laser is a taxing 14 hour shift. The road commission wants drivers to be mindful of their large vehicles, and most motorists are.

"Supposed to get worse but they are doing their job. Just go slow its all you can do," said Debolt.

For Coughlin, a quick turn around for tomorrows shift puts him back in the drivers seat before dawn. He will be taking care of his assigned roadway the best he can.

"Just try to keep up with the storm its about all we can do," said Coughlin.

The road commission says no salt is leaving the backs of their trucks because it is ineffective in current road condition.