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      Clerk recorded using slur won't leave post

      Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko

      A Michigan township clerk who was recorded using a racial slur to describe a black official says she's staying on the job despite renewed calls for her resignation.

      Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko says the Saginaw-area community needs "to heal."

      During Monday's township board meeting, Saginaw City Councilman Norman Braddock spoke during a public comment session, asking for Platko's resignation on behalf of the Bridge Center for Racial Harmony. Braddock serves as the president and co-chair of the nonprofit organization.

      In an April 22 meeting, the township's interim manager Dexter Mitchell played an audio recording of a January phone conversation between himself and Platko, which included Platko using the slur when talking about township Supervisor Dwayne Parker.