Clio Christmas Eve church service continues despite power outage

Parishoners are using the Clio High School auditorium in place of their sanctuary.

New Covenant Church of Clio has just enough power to light the church's Christmas tree.

â??Just like so many people here locally, we lost power at the church building too,â?? says Phil Owen, lead pastor of the congregation.

Lights have been off in the sanctuary since Sunday morning. The power is not expected to return until this Saturday, well after Christmas day.

â??That concerned us,â?? says Linda Waldo, associate pastor of the Linden Road church.

The power outage sending the pastoral staff searching for a temporary home.

â??Just a few moments of thinking of possibly not being able to have Christmas Eve services was really difficult,â?? says Waldo.

A few phone calls later, Pastor Owen saw the spirit of Christmas, first hand.

â??We were able to find out that Clio High School would be willing to let us come and have our Christmas Eve experience here,â?? says Owen.

Church leaders expect close to 1,000 people Christmas Eve--many without power.

â??Periodically we hear about people who are slowly getting power back so I think it's coming,â?? says Waldo.

While the church may sit empty this Christmas, Pastor Owen says it's not about where you worship.

â??We tell people all the time, church isn't a building. It's a group of people so the group of people are relocating for their Christmas Eve experience,â?? adds Owen.