Clio dog-grooming business back after fire

Doggy Depot is back in business after the original storefront burned down in April.

It's grooming day for Logan and Navy, two of more than 150 clients who visited Doggy Depot in Clio this week, after owner April French reopened for business.

"It's a new location so they probably thought that was a little odd, but you know, once we were like, 'Hey Navy, Hey Fluffy,' they're like, 'Oh, OK, I know you.'â??

French lost everything in last month's fire that destroyed Dotty's Pet Center and her storefront next door.

Three and a half weeks later, she's back on her feet tending to her furry clients. She says she can't take all the credit though.

"The community, I can't even express how much they've helped,â?? French said.

Local banks ran a towel drive for Doggy Depot, and loyal customers continue to donate crates and other supplies.

"Just coming in as we were getting ready to open, wanting to lend a hand, it's really meant a lot to all of us,â?? French said.

The dogâ??s arenâ??t complaining. Theyâ??ve kept French and her staff busy all week.

"When it's a hard time, that we all chip in and try to help each other. I had no idea how much I was appreciated,â?? French said.

A full appointment book might give her an idea.

Doggy Depot is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on W. Vienna St. next to Clio Tan.