Clio man goes for bowling world record

Justin's wife Tammy keeping track of the time.

A world record attempt 2 months in the making.

Tonight in front of a packed house, Jason Hicks tried to break a world record.

Unfortunately, this time around the pins wouldn't fall.

"That was all I got man, I'm sorry, I put on the best show I could" Justin says.

Jason was aiming for 13 strikes, the number needed to beat the record of 12.

But Jason has been close to world record territory before.

"March 7th of this year I did tie the record for most strikes when I threw 12" he says.

Missing the record that night by a hair, his 13th strike coming in the 61st second.

One second too late.

After more than a dozen attempts Jason once again fell short but thanks to a big crowd the night was still a success.

"I just started my own non-profit called United Miracle Works Foundation and we are asking any American who can to donate one dollar to the charity and from there we are going to break it down" says Hicks.

Money raised being split between 5 charities.

"Thank you all for your support, I greatly appreciate it" says Hicks.

"We can make a difference with just one dollar, I guarantee it" he says.

The 5 charities tonight were the American Cancer Society, the Children's Miracle Network, St. Jude Children, Rain Forest Preservation, and the Wounded Warrior Project.