Clio residents fight to keep up with area flooding

Area residents are doing their best to keep up and react to what Mother Nature is dishing out.

Residents are trying to keep up with the rain; nearly 24 hours ago they started pumping out this ditch to keep water from running into their homes. Moving nearly 40 thousand gallons an hour it still hasn't been enough.

"I had to give up college, I had to give up work and just come here and keep pumping, and I have been at it for 17, 17 and a half hours," said Clio resident Justin Brief.

The city of Clio says debris is keeping drainage on the north bound side of Mill Street from moving.

The back up is causing flooded basements; Justin Brief says taking on the source of the problem is the best solution.

"it's a pretty beefy pump, I paid about 300 dollars just to rent it, all this gas I am paying for, we are going to be knocking on doors and be like you know can we just get compensation for something or ask the city for some kind of help," said Brief.

Brief isn't alone, residents around mid Michigan are turning to Evanâ??s Equipment Rental to stop the downpour.

"Homeowner constructions sites all of it we have had a dozen people here today to pick up pumps of all sizes," said Dave Glass from Evanâ??s Equipment Rental in Burton.

After pumping out thousands of gallons of water from his basement Brief is looking for an answer, rather then this temporary solution.

"People have jobs, people have lives, they can't clean these out all the time and when these flash floods happen and when we are buried under water thereâ??s nothing we can do," said Brief.

The weather service says Genesee County will have a food watch in effect until 8am Friday.