Clio storm damage cleanup continues

Trees are splintered and power lines snapped after micro-burst winds blasted through Clio and Genesee County.

"The whole back fence is down", C.J. Dice at Champion Auto Parts describes, "So we're gonna have to work on that today and that customers van over there came 6 inches away from damage but other than that we got a lot of cleaning up to do".

People awakened only when strong winds and rain knocked the power out.

Jacqueline Rose describes the time the power went out.

"There was a crackle, then it goes I don't know just like a popping sound, and then out, lights gone".

Homes are not the only places blacked out.

Businesses had to send workers home early, and concrete workers were unable to pour today after their plant lost electricity.

Consumers Energy says they expect power to be restored in the Clio and Flint areas by midnight tonight.