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      CMU professor accused of shooting at salesmen facing charges

      A Central Michigan University professor is in trouble with the law after he's accused of firing gunshots at two vacuum cleaner salesmen.

      The 61-year-old is facing several charges and it has students concerned.

      "It was kind of shocking,?? said Dana McDaniel, CMU Student.

      According to the Isabella County Sheriff's Department, on Thursday the salesmen came to Robert Lee's door. He gestured he'd be right back, walked away and came out of the pole barn with a long gun.

      As the men drove away they heard two gunshots one of which they claimed whizzed by the driver's side window.

      "I mean I'm not really a fan of door to door salesmen but I would definitely not shoot at them,?? said McDaniel.

      Lee is facing several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a weapon under the influence and reckless use of a firearm.

      "You want a professor who's supposed to represent the school. So you want to make sure the professor is doing a good job, like having a good image inside and outside of the school,?? said Dami Lolufosoye, CMU Student.

      Central Michigan University issued this statement:

      ??Central Michigan University takes the allegations against Dr. Lee very seriously and will be conducting its own investigation in accordance with the bargaining agreement with the Faculty Association. The matter also remains under review by the Isabella County Sheriff??s Department and the prosecutor.??

      "It just makes me question what my professors, not that it's my business, but ya know, what they're doing being the scenes, and are they actually possibly dangerous to me, you never know,?? said McDaniel.

      A spokesperson for the university says Lee is still working for the college while they conduct their own internal investigation.

      Lee is due back in court Thursday.