CMU set to break ground on two medical facilities

The Saginaw Chamber of Commerce gathered hundreds of area members on Thursday to discuss the future of the city's health care services.

By fall of next year, Central Michigan University plans to break ground on two medical facilities, one at Convenant Healthcare and the other at Saint Mary's.

Applications re already rolling in for next year and the class which starts in 2013 will be the first to complete clinical studies in Saginaw.

Professors are making sure the 60 soon-to-be doctors for the class of 2017 will begin their lives in Mid-Michigan once they graduate.

"Our intent is for at least 80 percent of students to be from Michigan," said Ernest Yoder from CMU. "We are trying to recruit and encourage students from the region becuase we think that gives us the greastest opportunity to train and stay as physicians for our region."

Leaders from CMU say they are on track to finish the school in 2015 and promise with new medical students and physicians in the area, Mid-Michigan will be able to feel the difference in years to come.