CMU student escapes after abduction on campus, suspect killed by police

Eric Lee Ramsey

A woman escapes after being abducted at gunpoint in a parking lot at Central Michigan University around 9:30p.m. Wednesday.

In a press conference Thursday morning at the Isabella County Courthouse, officials from the Isabella County Sheriff's Department and CMU released details surrounding the abduction of the CMU female student.

Police say after the student was abducted the suspect, 30-year-old Eric Lee Ramsey of Mt. Pleasant, took the victim to a home on South Crawford Road where she was sexually assaulted.

Ramsey then put the victim back in the car, grabbed two gas cans and , according to police, told the victim he was going to kill her.

That's when police say the victim jumped out of the vehicle and ran to a nearby home on South Mission Road.

The resident took the victim in, locked the door and called 911.

Accorrding to police while the resident was on the phone with emergency responders Ramsey proceeded to pour gasoline on the home and light it on fire.

The suspect then feld the scene. One of the homeowners arrived soon after the fire was set and was able to put out the fire.

Several hours after Ramsey feld the scene regional dispatch in Gaylord notified police the vehicle they were looking for had rammed a Michigan State Police Trooper.

Ramsey then feld the scene, stole a sanitation truck and rammed another Michigan State Trooper. A short time later a Crawford County deputy located the sanitation truck that Ramsey was driving.

Ramsey then hit the deputy's car head on. The deputy got out of the patrol car, ran to the cab of the truck, and fired shots and killing Ramsey.

Police are not releasing the name of the victim at this time.