CMU's 'fact finder' releases his study on what the university, faculty should do

Several Central Michigan University faculty members went on strike the first day of the Fall 2011 semester. / File Photo

The fact-finder hired to investigate the dispute between Central Michigan University and its faculty has released his findings.

On the first day of the Fall Semester, August 22nd, the faculty went on strike. A judge ordered the disgruntled employees to return to work and Barry Goldman was given the task of digging deeper into the disagreements to find a resolution.

Goldman TMs eight page report released this week details out the disagreements and possible resolutions regarding bargaining, tenure, promotion policies, salaries, health benefits, retirement, and more.

Now that these non-binding findings have been released, talks will likely resume between faculty and the university.

You can read Goldman TMs complete findings by clicking this link.

After looking it over, let us know what you think. What portions do you agree with? What portions are you against? Let us know in the comment section below.