Coaches save accident victim from pond

Some Midland County coaches are being hailed as heroes but it has nothing to do with wins and losses.

The Junior Varsity boys baseball and girls softball teams were on the road to a game when they witnessed a potentially deadly accident.

What the three coaches did next is being called "Coleman's biggest win."

When you drive into the small town of coleman, it's hard to miss the sign recognizing the storied baseball and softball teams at Coleman High.

"Our athletic program especially baseball and softball has done very very well," says Coleman School Board President, Ben Tigner.

But Tuesday's performance is one for the record books.

"Was probably our biggest win," says Tigner.

"Oh I've gotten a lot of hugs and handshakes and congratulations and I feel a little uncomfortable with it but at the same time you feel good," says JV baseball coach, Tom Pashak.

Pashak is being hailed a hero.

"I think I did the right thing but I don't know if I'm willing to say hero," he says.

But his quick action Tuesday when the baseball and softbal team were on the way to McBain for a game is being considered heroic.

"We were driving on 66 when all of a sudden a car swerved off the road and went through a wooden fence and into the pond."

Pashak, along with two softball coaches called 911.

"We asked if he could get out he said he couldn't so we knew at that point we had to get in."

The three coaches pulled the man to safety.

All of it was caught on cell phone video by watchful student-athletes waiting on the bus.

"They were applauding when we got back on the bus."

The victorious tale doesn't end there.

"We went on and got two wins," says Pashak.

The story spread like wildfire. Community members embracing the coaches, student's and bus driver's swift action.

"They acted quickly and saved a life," says Tigner.

The Athletic Director of Coleman High School says he has been in contact with the accident victim's family.

They say he is doing well, just has a minor headache.