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      Cody Elementary School set on fire for third time

      Cody Elementary School in Flint caught on fire for the third time in one week. Firefighters said it is becoming a nuisance but most of all a serious safety hazard.

      The Flint fire battalion chief said every time firefighters go inside the burning building more damage is done and it is causing dangerous conditions for their crew.

      John Babb said, "there's approximately six feet of water in the basement of the building and that creates other hazards. If firefighters were to go inside and trip and fall because the viewing is obscured with the smoke, now you got the water presenting a drowning hazard."

      Babb added, people may be setting the fires because it is an eye sore for the community or people could be stealing metal from inside. Whatever the reason is, he said it's an annoyance.

      "It's a nuisance not only to us but to the community. . . It poses a significant hazard especially with a building this old and this size," Babb responded.

      Scott Denne owns American Automobile Collision right across the street from the elementary school and he said he doesn't feel safe and the recurring fires are not good for business. That is why he made some phone calls in hopes of getting the issue fixed.

      "I've called the Flint Board of Education and they don't call back. At one point they said they didn't own the school anymore and I knew they did. Now we just want something done with it," Denne said.

      Just like Denne, NBC25 made a few calls and the city councilman who is over the ward said it is up to the Flint School Board to take care of the problem. However, until they make some changes, the Flint fire battalion chief said next time it's on fire he may let it burn.

      "Play it by ear and see where the fire is and how big it is when we get on scene before we commit somebody to an interior attack," Babb said.

      Cody Elementary School was set on fire a few times last year.