Cold blast reminds warming centers of growing need

<p>To contact the mission call (810) 785-0991 or go to 4618 Roberts Street Flint, Michigan.</p>

For the majority an early winter blast means grabbing your coat, gloves and hat a little bit out of season. But for the minority it means finding a place to stay and the mission of hope on Flintâ??s north end is doing the best they can to provide.

"We have to do what we can and my assignment from the lord right now is to do this," said Mission of Hopeâ??s Pastor Bobby Jackson.

For some everyday is a struggle, for Jackson, its cancer, and fighting back against his diagnosis.

For others it's as simple as keeping warm and Jackson knows first hand the winter months can get the best of anyone.

"This is a matter of actual survival at this point. When you are under subzero temperature, freezing temperatures and you don't have a place to be warm it's pretty depressing," said Pastor Jackson.

The Mission of Hope, opening its doors to more than 5,000 residents a year, is planning to keep men like Brent Tumer on his feet.

"I was down on my luck and this is the place I got advice, friendship and warmth," said Flint resident Brent Tumer.

But here on Damon Street the mission provides a warm place for families, but due lack of funding is forcing organizers to close the doors.

"Ran out of money so the lights had to go off there before they could go off here at the main building," said Jackson.

But the mission is still doing their part to help.

"Without them we wouldnâ??t have any place to go and we would be out there and there might be more of us in jail than there already are out there," said Tumer.

The Mission of Hope's budget shortfalls are keeping them from helping as many people as they like but they say as long as the lights are on at their home station on Roberts Street their presence will be felt.