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      Coleman area cleanup continues seven days after storm

      Crews clean up on Alamando Road

      Seven days after the storm, and crews are still putting properties back together in Midland County's Geneva Township near Coleman.

      Large trucks have taken up temporary residence on Alamando Road dealing with debris.

      "We're managing," says homeowner Patricia Sheredy. She says she's lucky nothing hit her house. Her corn crib shifted three feet on its foundation. Roofers replace several squares of shingles from her roof that were only four years old.

      Patricia was inside the basement at the time.

      "We have never had this bad of a storm here. It was just like a freight train," says Sheredy.

      Just up the road on Lewis, the cleanup has been constant.

      "It's been non-stop action everyday," says homeowner Rick Jones.

      Insulation still hangs in trees. Jone's pool was pulverized. His garage is gone. A trailer has been trashed, but things are looking up.

      Roofers are replacing shingles and electrical wires that were sliced are now spliced.

      The cleanup is a community effort.

      "It was a bigger job than my wife and two daughters would be able to handle. My daughter put out a call on Facebook Friday evening at 5:00pm for Saturday 9:00am for a cleanup date and almost 40 people showed up," says Jones.

      Rick says, sometimes the worst situation brings out the best in people.

      Neighbors also say they're overwhelmed by the love and support that they're experiencing and hope to return the favor soon.