College continues during deep freeze

Delta College is staying open during the deep freeze leaving the decision up to students and faculty whether to come in or not but they say the hardest part about getting here is the walk inside.

"The walk really sucks the parking is really bad here," said Delta student Angela Gomez.

NBC 25 is taking Angela Gomez's concern to the schools administration who says Delta's unique enclosed campus is a major factor in staying open.

"Once you arrive on campus the environmental factors are taken away," said Delta College Interim Dean of teaching and learning.

Bay County is under a wind chill advisory until 10 AM Wednesday. It's something students and faculty have to deal with.

"Its bone chilling right now," said Delta student Isaiah Lieber.

Lieber says his walk onto campus is the worst part and possibly the most dangerous.

"People get lulled into thinking, it's a short distance, Iâ??m not going very far and they don't realize how quickly the wind can take away the heat layer around your body," said Saginaw Valley Medical Control Medical Director Dr. Noel Wagner.

Despite the risk of frost bite, Delta College's semester based education is on a schedule and they say they are providing the service their students are paying for.

"Trying to make sure the students get what they need in order to proceed in their education is really important," said Peruski.

"Itâ??s good that we are open I would rather just get this class out of the way instead of having to push back the tests i have this week," said Gomez.

Northwood University in Midland is also staying open through the deep freeze. Interim President Larry Lindsey says the Midland campus is staying open because most of their students live on campus or close to campus, where road conditions have not been a factor.