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      College Goal Sunday Helps Students Get Financial Aid

      High school and college students across the state got help signing up for financial aid Sunday.

      University of Michigan Flint took part in College Goal Sunday. The school hosted an event for current and hopeful students and walked them through how to fill out the FAFSA.

      Any student in need of financial aid is required to complete the free application for federal student aid.

      "It is very important. We encourage all students, whether you have a million dollar income or a low income, because even if a student wants to borrow federal student loans you have to have the FAFSA on file, at the institution which they are applying for financial aid," said Lori Vedder, financial aid director, U of M Flint.

      March 1 is the deadline for filling out the FAFSA application. The school's financial aid office is open Monday through Friday for anyone not able to make the event.