College students want Snyder to address jobs growth

College democrats will be listening intently to Gov. Snyder's State of the State speech Wednesday night.

MSU student Stephen Wooden said Snyderâ??s cuts to higher education for the 2012 fiscal year show the governor's not investing in the state's young workforce.

â??It's concerning that were disinvesting in higher education, we're disinvesting in the things we know will come to attract good-paying jobs to Michigan," Wooden said.

Speaking of good-paying jobs, Wooden added, Snyder's recently-passed right-to-work law won't do any good.

Wooden said he didnâ??t like how Snyder flip-flopped on the issue before pushing it through the lame duck session of the GOP-controlled legislature last month.

MSU sophomore Dominique Clemons said, â??Iâ??m definitely going to be listening, but I don't know if I'll be able to believe everything that he's saying."

Snyder supporters, on the other hand, want to hear more of the same in the governor's third state of the state address - his plans to revitalize manufacturing, support small business and bring more jobs to Michigan.

"So far, Rick Snyder as a governor I think has done a great job,â?? Kettering University senior Chad Champine said.

Regardless of their politics though, college students seem to agree on one thing.

Champine said, â??We really have to start getting more competitive on a global scale.â??