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      Common Core stalls as State Senate continues debates

      Michigan's Common Core is at the center of controversy yet again.

      ??We can't have programs right now that deal with the common core,?? says Dr. Richard Syrek, superintendent of the Saginaw Intermediate School District.

      ??If they don't pass state standards then you lose federal funding,?? says Ethel Johnson, president of the Flint Teacher??s Union.

      The Michigan state senate is still bickering over whether or not to approve the new education standards, putting districts on hold statewide.

      ??Being held up means there's no funding,?? says Johnson.

      The hold up is leaving districts across Michigan wondering what happens to the last three years of training for the new standards.

      ??It puts us on hold for about a month,?? says Syrek.

      ??How do you function without funding,?? says Johnson. ??That's where you get your money to run your school system. That's where the state gets their money that they give us for state aide. So without it? What do you do,?? says Johnson.

      Dr. Syrek says the pause isn't problematic now but could be if it continues.

      ??I think it's going to pass, the senate needs to do it's due diligence and when they do that, I think it will pass,?? says Syrek.