Community Gardens changing face of Flint


undreds of them are popping up through out the


e're talking about community gardens. Those behind the effort say it's not just about planting fruit and vegetables, it's about building community.

It's a sunny afternoon and Jesse Crouch, 23, is hard at work in a community garden just across from Hurley Medical Center.

The volunteer group
Americorp NCCC travels to different communities.

He admits he was a little nervous when he learned he was coming to



lint has the reputation for being dangerous but it's been really cool to be here.
We've been here about four-weeks now."


he non profit
Edible Flint is also helping transform this and many lots into vegetable gardens.



t would just be vacant and now this is productive s





says Samantha Farah with Edible Flint.


own the street we find another clean up effort

. T

his one involving the removal of tall weeds and grass.

The Carriage Town Neighborhood Association Clean and Green mows 25 lots about every three weeks, all by resident volunteers.



his is my first year doing it, we've had a couple of volunteers that have done it the past three years and it's not easy. But we just want our neighborhoods to look nice

," says Cassie Lamberson.

Three groups, on the same block, with one goal...helping transform areas of flint into clean beautiful space.

We're told about 300 sites like this one are under way

which include school and church gardens.

Farah says,"W

hat we are doing is just a fraction. Not only are what we doing helping with blight or crime, it's nourishing our bodies.


e're going to just offer it to people who come by. We have one woman that asked when can I get some...And I said as soon as they grow!"

Water, gloves, tools, sunscreen and baked goods are provided.

If you'd like to learn more on how you can volunteer with Edible Flint you can all (810) 407-4187 or email Samantha at

Or visit