Community leaders and organizations team up to fight blight

Driving past homes around Joy Tabernacle Church you may not see it. But that's a good thing. These are fake doors and windows installed by several community leaders and organizations. In an effort to flight blight with little to no financial assistance.

They aren't movers or looters, but a blight fighting team comprised of members from Joy Tabernacle the Genesee County Land Bank and Youth Builders.

"Well I do my best to keep the houses from looking unoccupied like the house over there," said Flint resident Jimmy Norton.

Norton says he canâ??t do it alone. And Pastor Robert McCathern is leading the charge to change the landscape of his neighborhood.

"Real economical, it puts young people to work and a lot can be done," said Pastor Robert McCathern.

Just a few screws, plywood and printed doors and windows from a company in Detroit is grabbing the attention of a community revitalization powerhouse.

"A hundred and fifty houses in flint right now put through a demonstration project with the Mott foundation," said McCathern.

25 thousand dollars is funding the city wide project that's effect is being felt in its early stages.

"We have seen a decrease in vandalism, we have seen people move back into this neighborhood believe it or not, we have seen a lot of differences because of this," said McCathern.

Differences this retired gm worker says is helping the property he works tirelessly to keep looking its best.

"The more it goes down the more my house goes down in evaluations so hopefully with this it will help,â?? said Norton.

The project started small, with just a few houses on the block but with this grant crews are taking on houses in droves from Civic Park, Burton Village to Carriage Town.