Community organizers want to "take back" their city

Many families have felt the pains of violence but community organizers want that to change.

They are challenging each another to act to make a difference in the lives of Flint's young people.

For friends of victims, they want change.

August 17th, 28-year-old Gregory Watkins of Davison was shot and killed outside Flint's South End Market.

Art Reyes, president of the UAW Local 651, knew Watkins.

"Dedicated father, dedicated family man and just a great guy," Reyes said, of Watkins.

Following his death, Watkins wife decided to move their two children to Texas.

"We helped them pack up Monday and Tuesday and they left yesterday," said Reyes.

Kayamone Sutton is one of the community organizers for the Flint Community Take-Back rally.

"I think violence has touched everyone."

He said the group is spearheading a movement to act and change the violent landscape in Flint that has been responsible for deaths like Watkins'.

"It's just something different that instead of talking we're doing something different to help the community," said Sutton.

The group has planned a youth job fair with additional youth employment opportunities for September 21st.

Thursday night, the group held a Town Hall meeting at the Berston Field House to get ideas from the community.

Mayor Dayne Walling also attended the event.

The youth job fair is scheduled to take place at the Berston Field House September 21.