Community reaches out after car accident kills 13 month old

Alyssa Stuckmann passed away after a car accident in Midland.


Members First Credit Union has set up a donation account for the Stuckmann family, who is mourning the loss of 13-month-old Alyssa Stuckmann, who was killed in a car accident last Friday. Donations will help cover funeral costs and medical expenses for the surviving family members. The donation account number is 45603.

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I told the guy I would see what I can do and atleast send you guys the info.

Let me know if we can even post it so I can call him back and let him know.

But the family thanked me for "having a heart" and says thanks to NBC25.

Alyssa Stuckmannâ??s older siblings are students at Floyd Elementary School in Midland. The school district is one organization trying to make a difference.

"We are just doing everything we can to make sure that they have what they need during this difficult time,â?? said Bullock Creek Superintendent Charlie Schwedler.

The Bullock Creek School District is helping the Stuckmann family after this car rolled into a ditch in Midland County claiming the life of 13 month old Alyssa Stuckmann.

"The Stuckmann's have been wonderful volunteers. All the kids coming through at different times. Just good salt of the earth, couldn't find a better family to help out,â?? said Greg Dorrien.

The West Midland Family Center is also reaching out.

"We have known the Stuckmann's for a long time. The center helped out itself helping out financially. We are also collecting donations for any community members that want to help out the Stuckmann family,â?? said Dorrien.

The father and driver, Jeffery Stuckman, saw the wreckage today. Telling NBC 25 that it's a miracle he and three other children in the vehicle are okay. And the communities help is greatly appreciated.

"That's who we are that's what we do here at Bullock Creek and I think we pride ourselves on making sure we take care of each other,â?? said Schwedler.

Both organizations say financial contributions are welcome, and are helping pay for funeral costs.

'I know that if something happened to another family I'm sure the Stuckmann's would be right there as well,â?? said Schwedler.