Community remembers officers lost in the line of duty

Law enforcement from throughout the area gathered together today to remember and honor fellow officers lost in the line of duty.

The service is rich with tradition and although annual the service takes on a reinforced meaning after the loss of what they call a brother in 2012.

"This is the day we set aside to honor our fallen brothers," said Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

Brotherhood is bringing law enforcement agencies across Mid-Michigan together in honor of officers like Patrick O'Rourke who answered his last call September last year.

"Now that we have someone locally that has gave that ultimate sacrifice that adds significance to this memorial that goes on every year," said Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock.

The prestigious ceremony is a reflection of the 19 officers permanently honored in Flint Memorial Park.

"Without that respect it would be a disgrace to what they sacrificed," said Chief Lock.

Less than a month ago a high speed chase ending in a shootout is a reminder to what police families are up against.

"Iâ??m about the proudest dad you will every see. We come out and share thoughts with some of the people that are in charge of taking care of our lives and future," said Howard Walker.

Nationally law enforcement has not lost less than 100 officers a year in more half a century. Police officials today say they hope to change that trend.