Company in default, family could lose home

1267 W. Saint Charles Ithaca

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A local family says after putting $16,000 down and paying every monthly payment, it could still be forced out of its home.

Add to that, two of the children are living with disabilities.

Now, the family says it doesn't know what to do.

The Lash family bought this an 1,800 square foot home in Gratiot County's Arcadia Township near Ithaca in January of 2010.

The family put $10,000 in a deposit and an additional $6,000 in early payments.

A document shows payments made from May of last year to May of this year, but that didn't stop a letter from coming.

The letter was from the mortgage company Commercial Bank saying the property is in default.

"Extremely devastating." That's Joy Lash's reaction after she found out the letter was not a mistake.

She says KMS Property Management out of Ashley, where she has a land contract, defaulted on the loan from Commercial Bank.

Commercial Bank says KMS is 273 days late and nearly $7,600 short on the property.

The bank says the money needs to be there by June 3, 2011.

Joy Lash says, "We paid our down payment, signed a contract, we thought we had rights, and we're finding out now that we really don't have any rights."

Lash says she contacted a lawyer who she says told her there's not much she can do and that it's a case of buyer beware.

NBC25 called KMS Property Management who said no one was available for comment.

However, Commercial Bank says there are properties in Saginaw and Midland County where KMS is in default. NBC25 found a couple properties where KMS foreclosed.

On the KMS Property Management Facebook page, it says it has more properties available.

The Lash family says it realizes it won't get its money back. Family members say they just want to stay in their home.