Concealed carry permit process could get easier, faster and cheaper in Michigan

Michigan's concealed weapons permit process is one step closer to becoming faster, cheaper and easier.

A state lawmaker wants to streamline the process to get a concealed carry permit. The new law would eliminate county gun boards from reviewing permit applications but some say those boards ensure gun safety statewide.

Carrying a concealed weapon in Michigan could soon be as easy as a trip to your county clerk.

â??Thereâ??s going to be an impact across the state. Now, we have 83 gun boards,â?? says Genesee County clerk John Gleason.

State Senator Mike Green's bill would effectively eliminates those gun boards, shifting background checks solely to state police.

Gleason says gun boards are needed.

â??I would not say it's a fair trade,â?? says Gleason.

â??What the local sheriffs and prosecutors want to do is give people the eyeball test which means they want to look at them and say, you look a little goofy, what do you need one for?â?? says Mike Green, a republican state senator.

Gun range owner Chuck Melki is concerned eliminating gun boards may result in guns getting into the wrong hands.

â??There has to be safeguards, not government control, safeguards to ensure everybody's safety,â?? says Melki.

Backers of the bill say cutting out the middle man makes the process more efficient while opponents say they won't support the bill in its current form.

This bill has already passed the state Senate.

A Michigan State Police spokesperson says they're opposed to this legislation.

Meantime, the Michigan Sheriff's Association says they haven't come to a decision on whether or not they back the proposed law.

The bill is now headed for the state House of Representatives.

Weâ??re expecting a vote sometime after the November election.