Congested Snowfest parking and traffic

Thousands are enjoying downtown Frankenmuth but thousands of people are creating a parking crisis for some visitors.

"We came in from the north end of town and didn't see too many people and all of a sudden there were cars and people everywhere,â?? said Rick Charboneau.

Snowfest 2013 is in full swing, thousands coming into the small town is creating a mess for traffic and parking.

"We tried to come in the back way over here so we ended up going over the bridge and way out into the back,â?? said Charboneau.

To combat the increase in traffic the city is offering parking and a shuttle from Broners.

"They had us assigned for a shuttle from the west parking lot so we found a spot very easily, we waited for a couple minutes and the shuttle came up,â?? said Emily Lessau.

Others planned for the crowd.

"We planned to come earlier so it would be easier to get a parking spot,â?? said Tushar Ganjawala.

"We happened to pull in of course of Gera Road and got to the first lot outside the Bavarian Inn and somebody had just pulled out,â?? said Eric Conley.

Yesterday we asked our facebook fans for advice when heading to Frankenmuth. Francesco said to park 9000 miles away and get airdropped in because of packed traffic.

Blocks away from Snowfest Ernie Everly wasn't so lucky. But he says the appeal of Snowfest makes everything worth it.

"Been here for 12 years and we'll be back next year parking or not,â?? said Everly.

Snowfest is continuing until January 28th.