Congratulations to Scott Kalas, a 30-year-employee of NBC25!

Scott Kalas and NBC25 Today anchor Liz MacFarland

Scott Kalas started working at WEYI on May 10, 1983 when he was a senior in high school.

His first job at the station was as a switcher in Master Control. He would make sure we would go from programs to commercials and back.

Kalas has worked as a camera man, worked in audio, been a set designer and builder (the NBC25 Today set was designed and built by Kalas) and has done graphics for TV and online.

Currently Kalas is training to be a director of the news.

Kalas said he loves working in the TV business and in particular working in news.

"I love making a graphic and then seeing it live on TV just a few hours later," said Scott when asked about some of what he likes about working here. "Being part of the news and being where all the information comes in."

We congratulate Scott Kalas for 30 years at NBC25!