Congressman Kildee tours the 5th district

Congressman Dan Kildee is wrapping up a four day tour through the fifth congressional district, which includes stops in Bay City and Saginaw.

"One of the ways to deal with that is to demolish those abandoned houses and return the space to something green and beautiful,â?? said Congressman Dan Kildee.

Congressman Dan Kildee says parks, gardens and planned zoning for future land are investments for flints future.

"I now will be focusing my energy on finding ways that the federal government can support innovation that the land bank and other local organizations have been doing," said Kildee.

Kildeeâ??s office in the phoenix center on Saginaw Street is also fostering the ideas and innovation of flint residents.

"If you have something that comes up a month a year from now the doors going to be open,â?? said Assistant Genesee County Prosecuting Attorney Vikki Bayeh Haley.

Every day in a sense is going to be an open house because it's an office for the people."

Federal budget cuts are threatening more than 30 thousand Michigan jobs in six months.

Kildee says his office and the state are exploring alternatives.

"I am still hopeful, although I can not say Iâ??m optimistic that there will be some negotiation and we will get some solution to this that does not allow us to go over this cliff putting 30 thousand Michigan workers on the streets," said Kildee.

Sequestration could slash spending from programs ranging from childrenâ??s education to national defense.

NBC 25 was unable to contact republican congressman David Camp. Kildee's tour finishes tomorrow in Flint.

Kildee will be at the Sarvis Center in Flint, Friday at 1:00PM.