Construction begins on new senior-living apartments in Saginaw

The Bancroft building will be vacated in November.

A new $5.2 million senior apartment complex is scheduled to open in October on Harrison Street in Saginaw.

"We're excited for opportunities for housing for seniors, as you might imagine the changing demographics make that more critical than ever before, that we're prepared to provide for those whose lifestyles are changing," said Saginaw City Manager Darnell Earley.

The Bliss Park Senior Apartments will be made up of 35 units and will include a number of amenities like air conditioning and a gym.

Many senior residents currently living at the Bancroft-Eddy Apartments in downtown Saginaw are expected to move to Bliss Park in November, when the contract between the Bancroft Building and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority ends.

"They going to have a place to go, they're elderly. They can fit in anywhere," said 48-year-old L. Moseley, who currently lives at the Bancroft-Eddy Apartments.

Moseley is too young to qualify for a senior moving voucher and will not be allowed to live at the new complex.

"I can't speak for nobody else but for myself. I'll be at a mission," adds Moseley, who says she was recently denied Social Security benefits.