Construction continues on development projects in Bay City & Midland

A new urban development project in Midland is rising ahead of schedule and neighbors say they're thrilled. The project will be four stories high once it's complete. The last piece of steel was added Thursday.

People around Midland say the new project is bringing new life to Midland.

â??Thatâ??s going to be awesome,â?? says Carmela Borninski, a Midland resident.

Neighbors couldn't be happier to hear the East End development project is ahead of schedule.

â??Downtown has always been a business center for Midland so it's a good thing for the community,â?? says Joe Welch, also a resident of Midland.

The East End project is going up across the street from the Dow Diamond.

â??It'll bring more business to downtown,â?? says Welch.

The mixed-use development already has Chemical Bank, Mid-Michigan Health and a law firm signed up to lease space.

â??I just think this is going to add some really nice stuff to Midland,â?? says Borninski.

Thereâ??ll be a mix of business and pleasure here at the East End development. Across the street at the Admiral gas station, they hope the new businesses will create a trickle down effect.

â??Itâ??s something else for Midland. Midland is trying to expand so it's definitely expanding but sitting here watching it grow, they're putting it up really fast,â?? says Mike Manley, who works at Admiral.

â??I think it'll be great cause we have all of downtown right here. You know? You just go down Main Street and you have all the food here. I think it'll be great,â?? says Borninski.

â??If it brings more jobs, that's good news for my job so it's a good thing in the long run,â?? says Manley.

It won't be long before the East End project is completed. In the next few weeks, work will begin on framing and roofing but the East End isn't the only place with new construction in Mid-Michigan.

Over in Bay City, work continues on the Uptown Bay City project. Steel beams are rising at the 43-acre river front site just off of Saginaw Street in Bay City. The complex will have offices, a restaurant and a hotel. Developers say it's a $50-million investment. The project already has three anchor tenants---McLaren Bay Region, Dow Corning and Chemical Bank.

Neighbors in Bay City are also thrilled about new construction.

â??I think it's great, it's nice that Bay City is finally building up after all this time. The downtown, you know, it started dying and stuff. Now with all the new restaurants and everything, it's great,â?? says Julie Weiss, a Bay City resident.

Construction for the Uptown Bay City center is expected to be completed in the spring of 2014. The East End complex is expected to open to the public in early 2014.