CONSUMER REVIEW: Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP

Opinion Piece Author: Kris Russo, NBC25 Account Executive

Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP


The Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP is a great gadget to help the person on the go track how much they move during the day, with a built in pedometer. It also tracks what you eat during the day as well as how you sleep at night!


The Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP comes in 3 different sizes and multiple different colors.

  • Small: ~ 5.5-6in Wrist

  • Medium: ~6-7in Wrist

  • Large: ~7-8in Wrist

    • Black
    • Mint Green
    • Bright Blue
    • White
    • Navy Blue
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Hunter Green

It is designed to be a fixture in daily living. It is made of flexible hypoallergenic rubber and is no different than having a piece of jewelry on. It is considered water proof â?? however it is only water proof to a point â?? It will repel sweat or other minor confrontations with liquid but it is NOT recommended to wear in the shower.

There is a button on one end that is the toggle between the sleep and daytime mode. Just press and hold it to turn it into sleep mode and press and hold it again to turn it off sleep mode and back to daytime mode. The other end of the Jawbone UP has the 3.5mm headset plug with a cover over it that can be easily removed to sync with the app.


Upon receiving the Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP it needed to be charged. It only takes about 80 minutes for the first charge and it comes with a USB charging port that plugs into the 3.5mm headset plug. It will only need to be charged every 7-10 days.


The app that needs to be downloaded is called UP and once an account is created the bracelet will need to be plugged into the headphone jack on the phone or tablet to sync with the app.

  • Compatible Devices:

    • iOS: 5.1 or greater
    • Android: 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later


The Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP is a great gadget for everyone but there are some things that could be improved upon. The app lacks the ability to sync with other apps (i.e. My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter) and the food tracking part of the app leaves much to be desired.

*Side Note: I personally have the FitBit and there app falls short in the food tracking area also and that is where the MyFitnessPal comes in very handy. I use that to track my calories and it also syncs with my FitBit app and FitBit automatically puts in the amount of calories I have burned through the day, due to my activities, into the MyFitnessPal app and then recalculates my calories that I can eat for that day! (I have MyFitnessPal app set to a certain calorie limit for me daily!)

The pedometer part of the app is very nice, and one of my favorite features, it actually breaks it out by the ½ hour in a bar graph (see picture) to tell you when you were more physically active then other times. Another feature to the Verizon Wireless Jawbone UP is Idle Alert â?? when you are syncing your bracelet with the app this feature allows you to have the device vibrate if you are sitting still too long, this can be turned on and off as chosen by the user. It also features a vibrating alarm for a specific time of the morning/night. This is a great feature and one, I personally, used daily; this can also be turned on and off as needed.

The sleep monitor was, by far, the best feature on this gadget, this is also broken out by the ½ hour into a bar graph (see picture). Once the device is put into sleep mode, which is done by pushing and holding the small silver button on the end of the device, it tracks the following:

  • How long it to fall asleep.

  • How much light sleep had

  • How much deep sleep had

  • In bed for how long

  • Awaken for how long

  • How many times woke up in the night

  • How long slept

  • Time fell asleep and time woke up in the morning.

*Side Note: When comparing the FitBit and the Jawbone UP in all the aspects of the app and devices the areas where the FitBit falls short the Jawbone UP soars and vice-versa. The pedometer and sleep aspects of both devices are very similar; they were never very far apart from day to day. Where Jawbone UP goes above and beyond is with how it breaks down all the different areas of how you move or sleep by the ½ hour. Both devices stink on the food aspect of the app, but I do use MyFitnessPal to make up for that. MyFitnessPal doesnâ??t sync with the Jawbone UP which was a huge problem for me. The FitBit seriously lacks in the sleep portion of its app. It doesnâ??t do much, just tells you how long you slept, nothing like the Jawbone UP. The prices of the 2 devices are similar and if I could get the MyFitnessPal to sync with the Jawbone UP I would pick the Jawbone UP over my FitBit every-day of the week.

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