CONSUMER REVIEW: Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S4 Front View

Opinion Piece Author: Kris Russo, NBC25 Account Executive

Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV has the same sleek feel and lighting quick speed as the previous model but with a whole host of new features. Just when things seem as good as they can be they come up with something more.


The Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV has its phone icon at the bottom of the home screen similar to that of the various Droid models. The S IV also has contacts, messages, a browser, and applications, at a permanent part of the phones home screen for easy access; however the buttons are able to be customized, which is a nice feature.

The S IV will link Facebook data (contactâ??s photo and profile info). The phone uses more of a tab system to help keep things organized when making a call. The favorites list has been moved into the phone button under its own tab. The other tabs include the phone pad for dialing and most recent calls tabs and a contacts tab just incase it is needed in a pinch.

The clarity of the phone is good; there are no problems with people being able to hear. During the duration of calls the back ground noise is almost non-existent. The absence of background noise would even make it appear as if the call was lost but it was not.


The Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV is powered by a 1.9GHz Quad-Core processor which is extremely fast not to mention the 4G LTE network behind it. It does have 2GB of RAM and the option of 16GB of on-board storage but it is formatted less, but it also has the ability to support up to 64GB of external memory from a MicroSD card. Unlike some other recent devises that include the SD with the phone this phone does not include it.

This phone is easy to type on, but depending on what the user is used too, the keyboard is the Samsung keyboard and is set up differently from other phones and does take some getting used too. Swype also comes standard on this devise as well as the android stock keyboard, which is a nice feature, because other Droid users may not like the layout of the Samsung keyboard.

The power toggle/sleep button is on the upper right hand side of the device. The volume rocker is on the upper left side. Thereâ??s a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the phone and the charging port and speaker/microphone on the bottom.

There is a physical quick launch button to turn the screen on from sleep mode. There are is a virtual menu button to the left of the physical home button and the virtual back button to the right of it. Looking at the phone in sleep mode you would not know that the menu and back button were even there because they can not be seen until the phone is awake from sleep mode.


The screen on the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV is a 5.0-inch, 1920-by-1080 1HD Super AMOLED Plus display, which is brighter and more battery-friendly than LCD. The amazing display makes everything seem more vivid and bright and has amazing color and clarity. It sure makes a difference when using the phone; it is like going from analog TV to digital HD TV, there just isnâ??t any comparison! The only time there as problems is when the sun fell on the screen tended to wash it out and made it hard to see and â??auto brightnessâ?? feature doesnâ??t help either, so make sure to keep that feature off.


The Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV camera is a 13 megapixel on the rear of the devise with zero shutter lag and an LED flash and a 2.2 front-facing camera on the front of the phone. It has the ability to record 1080p on the rear camera and front camera. Wanting to watch something in HD on the devise is possible too, everything can be seen in 1080p when viewing it on the phone. It is not the easiest phone to take pictures with because it doesnâ??t seem to have any sort of image stabilization.


Most smart-phone users have concluded by now that no matter how much they use a phone it will have to charge every day.

The Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV has a 26100 mAh battery which is the best of the best as far as a battery goes. Anyone who has the joy of having the 4G LTE phone knows that the LTE drains the battery faster then the speed of lighting, so keep this in mind. However this phone/battery holds its own against all odds, thanks in part to its efficiency of the quad-core processor that help make the phone extremely power efficient. The combination of the chip, battery, and continuing improvements to the software all contribute to the great battery life of this amazing phone.


Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on the S IV runs five home screens. It can run over 400,000+ apps/widgets that are available on the Android Play Store. Also Samsung, gives you access to the Samsung Media Hub for other unique items, such as:

S Beam: This is a great way to transfer files between devises. The great demonstration of this is in the Samsung commercial of the mock running of the Olympic flame in London.

All Share Play: This allows various Music, Videos, and Pictures to be streamed to and from various different devises. This needs some form of local network (Internet/Wifi/Data connection) to work.

Smart Stay: This amazing feature allows the phones front facing camera to detect when someone is looking at the phone so the screen doesnâ??t dim during usage.

Pop-Up Play: This is picture-in-picture feature that allows content to be viewed in a smaller window while it renders and loads in the background while other things can be done (i.e. searching the web, sending texts, checking email, etc) in the foreground with the same amazing speed that is expected.

S Voice: This is the twin version of the Apple product Siri

S Memo: This is a note taking service; the notes can be taken by drawing on the phone, texts, or voice clips.

Flipboard: This option lets users arrange various items that interest them, such as various news articles and social media updates into a easy page format for quick navigation.

Multi window: Allows the user to do two things at once by having more than one thing open on the screen.

Air Gesture: This feature allows users to interact with the device without even touching it. It works similar to a mouse on a computer hovering over something.

Smart Scroll: This allows scrolling on a page just by tilting the phone.

S Health: Samsung has tried to make the phone a way to track what you eat and how much you move, and this app helps with its built in pedometer. At some point the app could even track blood sugar and blood pressure.

The phone moves with lighting speed and never slowed. Scrolling between pages or even running a bunch of items at a time doesnâ??t seem to slow the phone down at all. The user interface is wickedly fast and responsive no matter what is thrown at it.

The fact that the Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV does not come loaded down with a bunch of junk apps from Verizon that can not be removed unless the phone is rooted is a great thing. However, Samsung has definitely made up for that with everything they include on the device.


Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S IV runs Jelly Bean OS and it is integrated with Flash for web browsing so viewing most sites with flash files is not a problem.

Pinch-zoom pages in as far as needed get a nice screen shot of bookmarked pages, and they can all be viewed in landscape or vertical configurations. There is also a separate setting in the browser for the brightness of the screen; this can be very helpful when needing to make quick adjustments on the fly.


This is an amazing phone and has some awesome new features to boot, but it is way more then the average consumer would ever need. However, it is still fun to play with!

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Processor: 16GB onboard internal storage + 2GB RAM / 1.9+ GHz Dual-Core Processor

Screen: 5.0-inch Super AMOLED Plus Display

Camera: 13MP rear with LED flash with 1080p HD recording and 2.2 MP front facing camera with 1080p HD recording

Audio: 3.5mm headset jack

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS

Weight: 4.6 ounces

Dimensions: 5.4â?? x 2.75â?? x 0.31â??