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      Consumers Energy extends CARE heating assistance deadline

      I f you're behind on your heating bill and have been thinking about reaching out for help , there's still time.

      C onsumers Energy tells NBC 25 the deadline for heat assistance through the "CARE" program has been extended past Friday.

      C onsumers Affordable Resource for Energy can assist up to 10 ,000 C onsumers Energy customers. "As of Monday only 6,000 have signed up," says Debra Dodd a Consumers Energy spokesperson.

      " CARE " provides a 40 % credit on energy charges from the time of enrollment through August 2014 as well as other benefits if you qualify.


      *Must be an active residential Consumers Energy Account Holder or spouse of account holder

      *Must have a household income no greater than 150% of Federal Poverty Level (Click HERE to see Federal Poverty Level)

      *Must NOT have unaddressed theft/fraud on account

      *Must be singe metered


      *To sign up, contact one of the following CARE partner agencies: Tell the agency you want to sign up for the Consumers Energy CARE program)

      Local Salvation Army

      True North Community Services 1-800-379-0221 or

      THAW 1-877-646-2817