Continued flooding in Saginaw Township causes headaches for residents

When the Tittabawassee River invades your space, there's not much you can do but wait.

"We're just waiting for it to calm down and recede back so everyone can get back to normal life,â?? Erik Carter said. Carter usually drives by the Oakridge Forest Townhouses in Saginaw Township looking for work. But the only work residents are likely to hire is flood cleanup.

The river breached its banks after days of heavy rain and left basements under as much as two inches of water Monday morning. The intersection of South Center and West Michigan remained impassable to drivers.

"Literally it looked like a waterfall going into our basements,â?? Rebecka Deshone described. She said that flood insurance she just happened to add before she moved into her apartment was a stroke of luck in a bad situation. Deshone only lost a TV, but her neighbors weren't as fortunate.

â??Every time it rains like this it gets quite bad like every year,â?? Tom Mikolaski said.

And every time, it leaves residents awestruck and annoyed at the damage weather can do.

â??It's a big inconvenience,â?? Carter said. An inconvenience only time can improve.