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      Contractors prepare for their slice of Flint demolition funds

      Federal funds and contractors are pouring into the city waiting to bid on around 17 hundred homes. While residents wait patiently for something they have been asking for, for years.

      "This house has been abandoned for longer than three four five years and Iâ??ve been calling the land bank to come clean this stuff up but they never do so Iâ??m glad they are coming to fix it," said Flint resident Marzel Marshall.

      More than $20 million worth of help is on the way. And contractors are poised to start the bidding.

      "They come from everywhere, every excavating contractor in the world becomes a demolition contractor," said Flint contractor Martin Burnash.

      17 hundred empty homes are scheduled for demolition in Genesee County, itâ??s possible tall order for Flint's Burnash wrecking.

      "A lot of times we'll bring other people in to help which are also local contractors," said Burnash.

      When the city is contracting multiple demolition sites Burnash says he hires extra help to meet demand.

      "Anytime your putting people to work in the area that's huge," said Burnash.

      The land bank hopes within the next two months residents will see the difference they have been waiting for.

      "Iâ??m going to be happy. Iâ??ll be able to sit outside in the driveway being able to see the corner. As you can see there isnâ??t any sidewalk here anymore the earth took over that," said Marshall

      Contractors like Burnash are going to be bidding on lots like this starting at four oâ??clock tomorrow at the Flint Public Library.