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      Coolest chain saw ever

      If you've ever operated a chain saw, you know how convenient they can be cutting up easy-to reach logs. But what about high tree limbs? What a tree trimmer to do?

      Enter the Stihl pole saw. Think of a gas-powered chain saw on the end of a long pole. The manager of Gil-Roy's in Frankenmuth, John Bender, loves them. He's a frequent contributor to NBC 25 Today.

      Bender says farmers really like them to clear encroaching tree limbs from farm fields. Consumers can choose either gas or electric models. The Stihl pole saw, which can cut limbs more than 9 feet in the air, sells for around $400.00

      But grandpa beware. These saws can be heavy. I had trouble working with it, and I'm a big, strong manly man. (lol)

      Bender says they sell and service Stihl at their Frankenmuth store. He says Stihl has resisted efforts to sell their saws at "big box" stores, prefering instead to sell them at smaller outlets.

      For more on Still: www.stihl.com

      For more on Gil-Roy's www.gilroy.com