Coolest shovel ever

John Bender shows off the Garant Sleigh Shovel

Let's face it, shoveling todays heavy, wet snow can be a pain in the #@!%. The manager of Gil Roy's in Frankenmuth has a solution: don't shovel it, push it.

What? John Bender says the Garant Sleigh Shovel may be the answer. They're popular in the Upper Penninsula because they get so much snow.The shovel is so big (26 inch wide blade), you end up pushing the snow instead of pickig it up and moving it.

They're not cheap: around $60.00. But it might be the last one you'd ever buy. You might impress your neighbors.

But please don't overdo it with the shoveling. The American Heart Association says:

-take frequent breaks

-don't eat a heavy meal prior to or soon after shoveling

-use a small shovel or consider a snow thrower

-learn heart attack warning signs

-don't drink alcoholic beverages before of right after shoveling

Take it easy out there. Enjoy the snow. (Maybe you should pay the neighbor kid to shovel it?)