Cooling centers open to fight high heat and humidity

Scorching and stifling conditions return as the thermometer reads 90 degrees.

Senior citizens in Clio escaped the heat at the local senior center.

"Today we're open as a cooling center for the seniors in the area, and for anyone in the area" says Director Daryl Vanella.

Tuesday's temperatures are expected to be just as hot, and the Clio Area Senior Center is ready to provide shelter.

Activities and games are planned every evening this week until the sun dips down and the heat melts away.

"We're open till nine", says Vanella. "Come on in and cold down, get a drink, and have some fun with the activities and events".

Because of the chance of strong storms...the center is also prepared to house people if they lose power.

"Another thing that we have available to the community is we have recently become an emergency shelter", Vanella said, "And we have a generator that will keep our lights on and our air-conditioning going 24 hours a day 7 days a week".

Electricity, check.

Air-conditioning, check.

Judy Skinner of Clio has the best advice for senior citizens, "Stay hydrated, and stay indoors when possible".