C.O.R.E team members hoping to connect with residents facing water crisis

Community Outreach and Education members, known as C.O.R.E., are hitting the streets in Flint to make sure you know how to get your water as clean as possible.

C.O.R.E. members have gone to more than 80,000 homes since August, but Mayor Weaver says they've only been able to connect with about 20,000 families because residents are worried about who's knocking at their door.

"That was the reason we wanted to have this press conference today so people could see the C. O.R.E. team members and see what they would look like with their vests on," Weaver said.

All 160 workers are Flint residents themselves and say...they just want to see the city bounce back.

"Just make sure that people understand that we're trying to help them," said C.O.R.E. member Nathaniel Campbell. "When we come knock on the door, let us in."