Corrine Baker pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder in death of 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun

Corrine Baker has pleaded guilty to 2nd degree child abuse in the death of her son, Dominick Calhoun. / File Photo

Just days after little Dominick Calhoun's body was found in the Argentine Township home, Corrine Baker came to the NBC25 studio and conducted an exclusive, indepth interview on what she says happened. We're releasing the full footage for the first time ever. Watch her complete side of the story below:

NBC25interviewPt1 NBC25interviewPt2 NBC25InterviewPt3 NBC25interviewPt4 NBC25interviewPt5 After watching this interview, do you believe Corrine Baker was a helpless victim too, or could she have done more to save her son, Dominick Calhoun?

Update: August 31

Corrine Baker will testify against her boyfriend, Brandon Hayes, in his upcoming trial, according to the Associated Press. Hayes' trial is scheduled for September 7. He faces a minimum prison sentence of 13 years. NBC 25 spoke with Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton today and he says this is not a plea deal and they will only recommend a sentence of 13 to 30 years to the judge, who can accept or reject the recommendation.

"It puts Corrine Baker where she belongs which is in prison for a substantial number of years," Prosecutor Leyton said, "The message is we do not tolerate child abuse and we are going to make sure Dominick did not die in vain."

Corrine Baker has pleaded guilty to Second Degree murder in the beating death of 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun.

Baker's boyfriend, Brandon Hayes, is accused of beating the little boy to death in an Argentine Township home in April 2010. Police accuse Baker of standing by while her child was severely abused over the course of several days and eventually killed. Baker said that Hayes had severely beaten her too, and that she couldn't help her son. Police say they believe drugs were involved, and that Baker should have reached out for some sort of help before her son had to die.

Hayes faces First Degree child abuse charges in the tragic case.