Corunna neighbors send-off 144th Military Police Company

Family, friends and neighbors packed the Corunna High School gym to send-off some brave men and women. The 144th Military Police Company of the Michigan National Guard is headed to Afghanistan.

â??He's serving his country very well, Iâ??m very proud of him,â?? says Steve Mobley.

A sense of pride fills the Corunna High School gym as family members send off their loved ones.

Mobley's son, Shawn, is a staff sergeant for the 144th Military Police Company.

â??Very proud, he served also in Iraq in 2006 and 2007,â?? says Mobley.

Father and son duos fill the stands to wish the company, also known as The Black Hats, farewell and good luck.

"We're excited for their deployment but also making sure, hoping that they come home safe,â?? says Mobley.

â??I wish them god speed and blessings,â?? says Retired Sergeant Paul Lee Davis.

Sgt. Davis is sending up an extra prayer for the 144th because he knows this company very well.

â??We've been the best military police unit Iâ??ve ever been in. I was with them in the first Gulf War,â?? says Davis.

â??We're very proud to be involved with this. We're very thankful we have an opportunity to tell the people who serve in the military that we appreciate what they do and we wish them a speedy return back,â?? says Leo Constine, assistant principal of Corunna High School.

â??I just want them to go over there, kick butt and take names and come home. I don't want nobody injured or anything; I want everybody to come back with no injuries,â?? says Davis.

â??Allan, we love you and miss you and we can't wait for you to come home back to us,â?? says Leeanne and Kathy Payton.

â??Shawn, I love you and Iâ??m so proud of you son. Stay safe,â?? says Mobley.

The soldiers will receive about 30 days of mobilization training at Fort Bliss, Texas before departing for Afghanistan. Officials say more than 700 Michigan National Guard soldiers and airmen are deployed across the globe.